Jolokia (Ghost)

Bhut Jolokia Pepper Products

Bhut-Jolokia-Chocolate-25The naga jolokia, also known as bhut jolokia, dorset naga, ghost chile, or ghost pepper — is a chili pepper. In 2007, it was confirmed by Guinness World Records to be the hottest chile in the world.

We have several products that have the Jolokia Pepperclick here to view all of these products. We produce Hot Sauces, BBQ Sauces, Salsas and Pepper Mash with the Bhut Jolokia Pepper, as well as the dried pepper alone.
This is a quickly growing category of red hot products. Check back here soon to see more information and images.

HOT NEWS!!!! We are growing our own crop of Bhut Jolokia Ghost Peppers, here in Southern California, in Ventura County. We are documenting the growing process in photos, so Watch Our Bhut Jolokia Peppers Grow.

Update: The harvesting of our Bhut Jolokia Ghost Peppers have begun! Check out how our season went.